Our Programs

LAPS is an indoor swimming centre with a 16 metre heated pool which is heated to 32 degrees all year round. Inside the centre there are changing rooms, toilets and a great viewing area for parents and carers.

We are a private centre that is not open to the public for general swimming as we believe a quiet and calm learning environment is important for both children and parents. All LAPS instructors are trained according to LAPS high standards. This ensures that if a teacher is absent your child will still receive a quality lesson from another of the LAPS team.

A Blue CardAUSTSWIM Accreditation and a current CPR Certificate are held by all of our fantastic instructors.


LAPS works towards a fun and interactive class with babies, giving your child an appreciation for water while learning techniques of basic water confidence. These lessons are conducted in a one on one format meaning that your baby will receive their teachers undivided attention for the entire duration of their 15 minute lesson. Many parents also find these one on one lessons very helpful if they have other young children so that the parent is not required to enter the pool (unless of course the parent wishes to do so after discussion with their children’s teachers).


At LAPS we work with Toddlers to further improve their water safety skills and awareness moving forward towards developing strokes and improving confidence. Again, these lessons are conducted in a one on one format to ensure your child gets the attention they deserve during their 15 minute lesson.


Correct technique, body position and stroke development are the main focus within our one on one lessons for kids, along with fun and an appreciation for the healthy physical activity that swimming provides. All four strokes are taught within these 15 minute one on one lessons giving children a well-rounded swimming experience.

kids swimming squads

LAPS offers squad training to children who are interested in competitive swimming or those who would just like some fun and challenging physical activity. Squads consist of no more than 4-6 children with the focus being on stroke correction and improvement.